Welcome to Literacy Bucket, one of many Wikicommunities designed for online learning. In this Wiki, a group of AVID elective teachers from all over the western United States will come together and build a space to support the teaching of academic literacy. A wikispace is an online collaborative learning environment where members share and discuss their ideas. The purpose of this wikispace is to assist teachers in the teaching of academic literacy. Our goal is to develop in students the ability to read, discuss, and write about texts in sophisticated ways.

To navigate this site, click on the links on the left hand side under the section "Navigation." At anytime, if you click the "Home" link, you will be brought back to this page. I am leaving the three pages--"Strategies, Text Resources, and Online Resources"--open to anyone. This means, anyone can view our work and anyone can edit it. This is the beauty of "ecollaboration." However, like any unprotected system, we must be aware of the risks and do our best to manage the site to ensure the integrity of the space.

A quick note about shared materials:
The work that is displayed on this site will become community property. That is, professionals who plan to publish should not share such ideas in this space. Even though we would love to hear about your amazing work, anything shared here becomes unprotected and free for anyone to take.